Are there any clinical trials to back the alleged performance of Clear Muscle?

muscletechclearmuscleA deeper analysis of the ingredients of Clear Muscle from Muscle Tech shows that the pills contain 1000 mg of HMB Leucine. Now, the question is that hydroxy- methylbutyrate has long been available to the body building and weight lifting community, so what is amazing about this product and above all are there any clinical trials that back up the claims of the manufacturer?

HMB in Calcium Salts Form vs. HMB free acids

All the products that are made through the use of hydroxy- methylbutyrate have the compound in the form of Calcium Salts. The problem with this is that the salts only offer an active absorption rate of 2%. This means that if you were to consume about 20 g of the product, assuming that it is all HMB salts, you would get a mere 40 mg of the active ingredient. In contrast, with Clear Muscle your muscle cells are being fed 1000 mg of HMB in a highly bio-available form.
The studies that show the impact of HMB on the body (muscletech clear muscle review)

University of Tampa conducted a trial over a period of 12 weeks to analyze the results of Clear Muscle. Participants were put into two groups; while one was using Clear Muscle, the other was given placebos. Through the trial, the participants involved themselves in similar workout regimens and consumed the same amount and type of foods and supplements.

At the end of the trial, Clear Muscle users had gained a stunning 16 lbs of lean muscle mass as opposed to the dismal growth of a mere 4 lbs seen in non users. Furthermore, participants who did use Clear Muscle reported that they could not feel muscle aches and fatigue, which are a part and parcel of strenuous physical activity.

These findings were also confirmed by another study, which was published in the “Journal Of Applied Physiology”. It showed that prolonged use of HMB does indeed enhance anabolism. Furthermore, another trial conducted in 1996 showed that hydroxy- methylbutyrate can actually lower cellular breakdown in people who are trained to endure resistance workouts and those who are not.